Say Anything - I Want To Know Your Plans
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Say Anything-I want To Know Your Plans

"I want to know your plans, and how involved in them I am."

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
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Limp Bizkit | Break Stuff

Now, Now - Lucie, Too
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Lucie, Too | Now, Now

"The math doesn’t add up or match with the language of 
Books that I’ve read or things that you said.
I’ll leave this with the darker night, I carried you inside
And know that it will find me in time.”

Time to start shoe boxing all my tips and become a hermit


Hi white hair



Hi white hair

Crucial Dudes - Doubt
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Crucial Dudes | Doubt

but as far as i can see
the only truth with you and me
is that i think i’ll still enjoy my life without you
and i’ll be fine

believe me, i’m ok
believe me, i’ll be fine
so stay away